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Conformal Coatings – A Green Evolution: From Solvent to Bio-based Webinar – 15th September 2022

Date: 15 September 2022 - 15 September 2022



This webinar will take you on Electrolube’s journey, from traditional solvent-based coatings, through to the evolution of bio-based materials.

Learn more about what conformal coatings are and why they are imperative for electronics protection and reliability. Gain knowledge of the solvent-based coating, two component, solvent free materials as well as the bio-based coatings and how they can offer exceptional performance in some of the harshest environments found in EV and ADAS automotive applications as well as in military and many other industries.

This webinar will also delve into the pioneering new bio-coatings from renewable sources providing a real alternative to non-bio-based materials. The new more eco-friendly and greener coating innovation is one of Electrolube’s most versatile. It offers high level performance, protecting electronic circuitry in the ever-increasing application demands, specifically in the harshest of environments.

Key Takeaways

Travel through an A-Z of the more traditional solvent-based coatings,

Obtain a key understanding of what volatile organic compound (VOC)-free conformal coatings are and how they differ from coatings that do contain VOCs.

Embrace the green evolution and sustainability with our brand new bio-based conformal coatings

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