Marine Electronics

Marine environments can host some of the toughest conditions that electronic devices will require protection against, whether these be salt mist/corrosion based or full immersion within water. Such environments bring along their own unique challenges and require careful consideration to ensure the highest levels of protection.

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All modern ships, from the smallest of pleasure craft to super-tankers contain electronics for the purposes of navigation, communication and safety. Such electronic components all require varying levels of protection based upon their functioning environment.

There is also a cross-over between marine environments and some power applications such as underwater cabling, gas and oil piping sensors from offshore rigs and alternative energy sources such as wind farms. Salt mist corrosion, chemical attack, vibration and temperature control are some key factors against which sensitive electronic components require protection.

  • Conformal
  • Encapsulation
  • Thermal
  • Contact
  • Electronic
    & General Cleaning
  • Maintenance
    & Service Aids
  • Sonar Buoys / Sensors
  • LED Beacons / Navigation / Safety lights
  • Radar / Radio Antenna / GPS
  • Depth Gauges
  • Cable Sealing
  • Climate control shipping container controls
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV)
  • Electrical Controls / Cable Harnessing
  • Electric Motors for Anchor Winches / Mast Controls

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Electrolube’s range of Conformal Coatings, Encapsulation Resins and Thermal Management Materials are used to fulfil a wide range of applications and consistently ensure that products perform first time, every time.


Sonar Buoys
Customer had an integrated sonar buoy system that was used to accurately track the position of vessels. These units needed to work in salt water for the life of the buoy and allow RF signals to transfer without interference.


UR5118 was provided due to its excellent resistance to salt water when continuously immersed. The resin also has a very low dielectric constant, making it suitable for RF applications. In addition, UR5118 performs very well at low temperatures, exceeding the requirements for use in many different locations globally.


Highly Water Resistant, RF Polyurethane Resin



Control Panels for Fire Alarm Systems
The customer was experiencing issues with units placed in coastal locations. The control panels were failing and when investigated, had significant corrosion on the boards.


AFA The customer previously did not coat their control panels due to their location being internal, however, they had not accounted for high levels of salt mist present from local environment. AFA was suggested as an easy to apply conformal coating, which could also be reworked if necessary. The coating offered excellent protection for high humidity and salt mist environments and was possible to apply manually or by machine, allowing for the customer to scale up the process in production.


Corrosion Protection of Connectors
Customer installed various electronics onto vessels and experienced issues with corrosion on connectors after some time in use, resulting from the salt mist environment.


CTG was offered, providing excellent corrosion protection on all contacts and also enhancing electrical performance. The lifetime and reliability of all contacts was improved dramatically.


Contact Treatment Grease


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If our range does not quite meet what you are looking for, our technical support and research and development teams will work with you to solve your chemical problem and supply the perfect solution.