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Electrolube Highlights New Electronics Protection Solutions at Electronex Australia featured Image
Electrolube Highlights New Electronics Protection Solutions at Electronex Australia

Leading electro-chemicals specialist, Electrolube returns to Electronex Australia, which takes place at the Rosehill Gardens, Sydney, September 5-6 2018. Electrolube, part of HK Wentworth Ltd and an established manufacturer of electro-chemicals, will once more be taking a stand (A16) at Australia’s premier event for electronics designers and manufacturers. Electronex Australia is the country’s only dedicated expo and conference for the electronics industry, and as in previous years, Electrolube, the official wholesale distributor of Hakko, will also be showcasing new Japanese soldering technology on the stand.

Electrolube’s electro-chemical solutions portfolio have gone from strength to strength since it last presented to the Australian market. This year the company plans to show key products from its thermal management, conformal coatings and resins ranges as well as demonstrating the significant advances it has made with these products in the area of LED lighting protection solutions, demand for which has grown exponentially in recent years.

Highlighted products from the thermal management range include innovative new phase change materials, TPM350 and TPM550 that offer high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance at the interface and ease of application via screen-printing.

TPM350 has a thermal conductivity of 3.5W/m.K and has an ‘activation’ temperature of 50°C. At this ‘activation’ temperature, it changes state to become a lower viscosity material, minimising contact thermal resistance and improving thermal conductivity during device activity. Once it cools, it reverts to its original cured state eliminating flow outside of the targeted area.

TPM550 works in the same way but has a higher thermal conductivity of 5.5W/m.K and an activation temperature of 45˚C. Both TPM350 and TPM550 can be reworked if necessary, are silicone-free, have an operating temperature range of -40 to +125˚C and are RoHS-2 compliant.

If thermal pads are your preferred thermal management solution, Electrolube offers two silicone based product lines: thermal gap pads GP300 and GP500. GP500 has an impressive thermal conductivity value of 5W/m.K and has a very low thermal resistance value while GP300 has a value of 3W/m.K. Both options are supplied in 200x200mm, in thicknesses of 0.5mm and 1mm, and can be cut to size if required for ease of application.

Of course, this year’s Electronex Australia exhibit would not be complete without a comprehensive selection of Electrolube’s core product ranges: conformal coatings and resins. Electrolube is among the world’s foremost experts in the formulation and application of conformal coatings designed to meet international approvals (including European and American military specifications). The range of products is extremely broad, comprising acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes and environmentally friendly VOC-free options. Electrolube’s pioneering new range of 2K conformal coatings are a unique technology combining the two-part chemistry of encapsulation resins with the ease of application and process of a conformal coating. The new range of coatings are solvent-free, fast-curing and high performance, designed for application by selective coating. The 2K materials provide an excellent, solvent-free alternative to both single part UV and silicone coating materials. Overall, Electrolube 2K materials require less capital investment than traditional UV materials and offer improved performance in harsh environments when compared to silicones.

Electrolube’s epoxy, polyurethane and silicone resins ranges have wide applications potential but the rapidly growing LED market has added considerable impetus to product development. Among the new products on show is the ER2224 epoxy, which provides high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal cycling performance, making it ideal for use in LED lighting units where it helps to promote heat dissipation and prolong unit service life.

The tough new UR5638 polyurethane resin provides excellent levels of protection while maintaining a clear, transparent finish. It exhibits superior UV stability as well as excellent transmission of visible light, making it an excellent resin for white light LEDs. It’s low exotherm during cure makes it an ideal solution for LED applications involving the encapsulation of larger LED lighting units.

There is also an additional bonus for visitors this year as Electrolube’s preeminent resins expert, Alistair Little will be on hand to provide advice on anything from application technique, material choice and problem solving.

HK Wentworth, sole authorised wholesale distributor for Hakko soldering solutions in Australia will be showcasing some new Hakko products alongside their Electrolube electro-chemical solutions at Electronex.

The first of the new Hakko soldering solutions is the FX-801 Ultra Heavy Duty (UHD) Soldering Station, an ideal soldering station for extremely large mass components, such as high current inductor coils, heat sinks, large transformers, shields, and other difficult solder applications, where there is a significant amount of thermal inertia to overcome. The ESD safe FX-801 soldering station enables effortless soldering of the even the most challenging solder joints. This Ultra Heavy Duty Soldering Station provides the ultimate heating performance with a super power 300W composite heater for the highest level of soldering efficiency. The lightweight soldering iron is only 50g and the system has six user programmable preset temperatures, process control lockout with password protection and a large LED display.

The second new product for Electronex is the FX-100 RF Induction Heating Soldering System. Designed for fast, reliable, accurate, efficient and ESD safe soldering, the FX-100 delivers RF induction heat technology at its best. For ease of use, calibration is not required, just power up and the system is ready for use. A boost control delivers an injection of extra power to the soldering iron tip when required. The compact design also minimises the workbench footprint and a tip sleep function reduces the tip temperature to preserve the life of the tip and reduce oxidization when the iron is not in use. There is also an activity monitor that provides cumulative data on tip heater loads and tip running time to aid in process control and manage operating costs.

With over 60 years’ experience in soldering technology, HAKKO has been producing superior quality soldering and desoldering tools, hot air rework stations, smoke and fume extraction systems, technical training classes, and a wide assortment of accessories and related equipment for the electronics, industrial and hobby industries.

Whatever your industry or specific needs, Electrolube extends an open invitation to visitors to come along to stand A16, where they will be assured of a warm welcome and lots of free advice on how to make best use of the company’s entire product portfolio.