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Electrolube Takes EV Thermal Conductivity to another level at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology EXPO and Battery Show featured Image
Electrolube Takes EV Thermal Conductivity to another level at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology EXPO and Battery Show

Electrolube will make a welcome return into the realm of live exhibitions with ESI Automotive and MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solutions. All are part of Element Solutions Inc. and will showcase their technologies at booth 1301 under the ESI Automotive banner Together they are delighted to offer market-leading thermal conductivity solutions to the EV industry at this year’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and Battery Show on booth 1301. The event takes place on September 14-16 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, USA.

Connected solutions is an integral message combining the strengths of these major innovation providers, who work closely with global automotive OEMs to help reduce the risk of field failures by enhancing an electric vehicle’s reliability. From its extensive portfolio of technologies, ESI Automotive will showcase the pioneering new ALPHA® Argomax® silver sintering technology, which gives automotive OEMs the advantage of achieving up to six times greater thermal conductivity of a die bond in the inverter of an electric vehicle.

Performance, safety, extending lifetime and reliability require implementing the most effective protection materials available. Electrolube’s range of conformal coatings, thermal management products and encapsulation resins are eminently suited for automotive applications, the newer EV’s and batteries providing yet more challenges. The EV Technology Expo and Battery Show provides an ideal platform on which the leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals is delighted to showcase a key range. Electrolube’s innovative solutions for EV batteries include a new Thermal Gap Filler – GF600. The two-part, liquid silicone-based gap filler provides outstanding thermal performance with a thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/m.K and a wide operating temperature range from -50 to 200°C. The product cures at room temperature and forms a low modulus elastomer that prevents the ‘pump-out phenomenon’ after curing.

Electrolube surpasses expectations with an extensive range of solutions for automotive batteries and this includes thermal management materials plus encapsulation resins. For potting cells within electric vehicle batteries, extending battery life and increasing efficiency, Electrolube’s UL94 V-0 approved thermally conductive epoxy potting compound, ER2221, can withstand extensive durations at high temperatures and assists with securing cells in place whilst dissipating heat away to the surroundings.

Ideal for battery applications subject to vibration and shock, the soft and removable PU potting compound, UR5044, allows easy repair and rework in-field. The material provides excellent protection from extreme and varied environmental factors and is fully UL approved.

Ideally suited for protecting the Battery Management System, Electrolube’s UV Cure coating, UVCL, is a robust coating that provides the highest level of protection against harsh environments. Widely tested with excellent results, UVCL is a low viscosity, single component coating that cures within seconds upon exposure to UV light.

Designed to withstand the harshest under-hood operating conditions in the automotive industry, the epoxy potting compound, ER2223, is highly chemically resistant to engine fluids and provides maximum protection to electronic components. With a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +180°C, ER2223 also exhibits good resistance to thermal cycling and its low viscosity allows for easy potting of the smallest and most tightly packaged components.

Automotive electronics solutions specialists, Electrolube, are also showcasing UR5118 polyurethane encapsulant ideal for the protection of tyre pressure monitors. This resin exhibits elevated water-resistant properties, is classified as an ultra-high performance encapsulant, and offers a high level of protection in a wide range of operating environments. UR5118 is a very tough encapsulant, affording protection from shock, vibration and is physically hard to tear. This polyurethane resin is particularly suited to applications subject to radio frequency RF transmissions such as sensors used in a range of applications such as marine, automotive, or aerospace.

Electrolube has a proven track record of success and unrivalled expertise in providing complex protective solutions to the automotive industry for over half a century and there is an increasing demand from EV battery designers and manufacturers to provide solutions for heat, performance, and protection issues. The company has developed an advanced range of thermal, coating and resin solutions that safeguard every conceivable aspect of an EV battery system to ensure that its customers can tick every box when it comes to safety, reliability, and performance