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Fast Cure Polyurethane Potting Compound

Unique polyurethane developed primarily for cable jointing applications. Fast curing it adheres to a wide range of substrates and offers excellent physical and environmental protection.

Product Codes

UR5545RP250G - 250g Resin Pack

Product Description

UR5545 fast cure polyurethane potting compound is unique when it comes to encapsulation and cable jointing compounds. It extends the standard urethane technology to create specialised properties useful for a host of applications but particularly cable jointing.

Its excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, combined with its tough resilience make it a perfect choice for cable joining.

Its low viscosity and fast gel time make for easy potting, while it maintains a hard finish to offer good physical protection.

It exhibits excellent resistance to harsh environments including acid, alkali and other aqueous materials.

For more information please refer to the TDS, our technical support team are also on hand to discuss your application requirements further.

Key properties

  • Fast-cure system
  • Tough, resilient polyurethane resin - very durable
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to harsh chemical environments
  • Suitable for cable jointing applications
  • RoHS Compliant